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231 East 22nd Street, Suite 23 New York NY 10010

Fax: +88 (0) 202 0000 001

Merit Coffee

Merit Coffee is fiercely focused on the art and science behind an excellent cup of coffee. That obsessive tendency led them to renovate an old warehouse on San Antonio Southside to create a premium coffee roasting facility, Merit Coffee Roasting Co. It’s about control—how they source the beans, the temperature and duration of the roasting and the subsequent quality of the coffee in your cup. They personally source many of the batches of beans they roast. Many of their specialty beans come from a single farm or even from a specific area on the farm, so they are limited in quantity and superior in quality. They work to establish strong, long-term relationships based on good coffee and fair prices. Once the beans reach them, they roast test batches, cup, taste, adjust, test some more and finally establish the perfect roast for the beans. They package the whole beans fresh from the roaster—rich. aromatic. at the peak of perfection.